Digital Media

From online banners to smartphone apps, good ideas download anywhere.
Bob Gilbert has created concepts and copy for websites, banner ads, apps
– and even video game scripts –  for major brands including SCA Tork,
Scania Trucks, Sony, Microsoft, Telia, Volvo Cars, Hasbro Toys and more.
At cp+b we launched Scania Truck’s web configurator with this film below

Below: The Volvo Ocean Race Edition interactive brochure.

på svenska:

Below: When Microsoft first got into the car business,
these outdoor billboards drove traffic to MSN.
Below: The campaign site for the 2012 launch of the Volvo V60 plug-in electric hybrid.
A highly-charged project of extreme importance for Volvo, developed in collaboration
with everyone possible.

Below: Volvo On Call website.


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